10 Times WWE Wrestlers Stole Spotlight In Defeat

Wrestlers are attention junkies, even in defeat.

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Nobody likes to lose. Even those people who claim they aren’t competitive, maybe especially them. Denial is a powerful drug. Losing is inherently painful, no matter the context. When that defeat comes in a combat sport, the frustration, anger and shame can only be increased.

All of that is a very dramatic way of introducing a piece dedicated to those people who couldn’t take a loss lightly, who had to steal the spotlight in some way or another. A loss in professional wrestling is different, plain and simple. This is a world where wins and losses are pre-determined, and at its heart, the job of the loser is to make the winner look as good as possible. Hard for the psyche, impossible for the ego, and you aren’t getting anywhere in pro wrestling without an ego.

Not all of these wrestlers were entirely at fault for their spotlight-stealing. On a number of occasions, it was actually the fans who forced the spotlight onto the loser, or the booking team was more interested in second place than the gold medal. On the rarest of occasions, the spotlight was supposed to shine on the loser. Pro wrestling is a weird, weird world.

And then there are the egos, the unprofessional performances, the temper tantrums and the shameless, unabridged, unsubtle spotlight stealers.

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