10 Times You SERIOUSLY Should Have Asked WWE For Refunds

8. Backlash 2018

No No No

That aforementioned "It's only a tenner" protest in the intro meant nothing when Backlash 2018 faded to black minutes after Roman Reigns faded at the mercy of Samoa Joe's festival of chinlocks. In a fatalistic attempt to get Roman over, the agents laid out a purposefully boring match designed to make us cheer whenever Roman Reigns Did Something. It did Not Work.

This was the theme of WWE's worst and most flagrantly insulting show of the modern era. In order to "get heat" on WWE's favoured in-house pet projects, no less than three matches adopted this tiresome strategy. Carmella applied the most basic holds imaginable to Charlotte Flair. Charlotte was portrayed as inept for being unable to escape, while the match itself was simply tedious. Big Cass enjoyed a stroll around the ring with a daft, directed grin plastered all over his face in a match that was tedious in itself. Repeating this tedium three godd*mn times was a sobering reminder of just how creatively bankrupt - and almost literally insane - WWE is.

This, combined with a second consecutive f*ck finish marring AJ Styles Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura III - which literally stipulated nothing of the sort could happen - converged to create a one match show from that stacked roster.


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