10 Tiny Details About Wrestling Characters You Never Noticed

Sharpshooter by name, Sharpshooter by nature...

Ric Flair Lou Thesz

Generally, pro wrestling paints in broad strokes. There are shades of grey, obviously, but they're often overwhelmed by black and white. For the most part, wrestling is the kind of show people can turn on and know they won't have to think too hard. The stories are hardly Shutter Island or Inception levels of complex, after all.

That doesn't mean there aren't intricacies.

This list is one for the deep thinkers out there. It peels a few layers off some beloved wrestling characters and examines what's lurking underneath; some of this is rooted in fan theory more than fact, but it's all utterly fascinating stuff. There's a lot of fun to be had by hyper-analysing the reasons behind things like finisher names, go-to spots, gimmicked nuances and more.

Screw the mainstream media's age-old (and 100% yawn-tastic) view that wrestling is low-rent stuff and doesn't require any braincells to fathom. Yes, it's easy to get to grips with at face value, but there's a lot more hiding in the shadows for those who want to go looking. This is all proof of that...

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