10 TNA Stars Perfect For WWE NXT Talent Exchange

These TNA wrestlers would be perfect for an NXT appearance or two.

TNA Hard To Kill 2024 Moose

AEW has its Forbidden Door, crossing over with New Japan Pro-Wrestling and now STARDOM and CMLL, but WWE opened its own "Prohibited Portal" with this new relationship between NXT and TNA Wrestling.

Things all kicked off with Jordynne Grace's Royal Rumble appearance earlier in the year, before the Juggernaut returned to challenge Roxanne Perez for the NXT Women's Championship at NXT Battleground this past Sunday. In that match, an extra appearance from a TNA wrestler was made when Ash by Elegance (formerly Dana Brooke during her WWE time) interfered, continuing her storyline with Grace.

That seems unlikely to have been the end of the WWE/TNA partnership, and it could well be just the start of something much bigger. For all we know, this will touch every division in NXT, if not also the main roster, and could go on for months or even years.

If that is the case, and there's an incoming wave of TNA talent who will jump over to the WWE Capitol Wrestling Center for guest appearances (or more), who should be called on to cross over? Let's take a look at some standout names from the TNA roster who would be perfect to pop up on NXT.

10. Moose

TNA Hard To Kill 2024 Moose
TNA Wrestling

This list absolutely has to start with TNA's flagship World Champion, Moose.

If at any point WWE wants to experiment with a Worlds Collide-esque "NXT vs. TNA" event or a Survivor Series-style match, Moose would be necessary as either the leader of Team TNA, or the opposition to NXT Champion Trick Williams in a Champion vs. Champion match.

Moose has enough size and power to be paired up with way more than just Williams, though. He can stand up to the juggernauts of the brand, like Oba Femi, Duke Hudson, Ridge Holland, and Josh Briggs, but also, work well as the powerhouse against a high-flying finesse performer like Nathan Frazer or even put Lexis King in his place.

During the Monday Night Wars, fans always wanted to see the true top stars like Goldberg and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin battle it out. That never came to pass in the way it should have, and while TNA is nowhere near in the same position WCW was back then, WWE should still learn from those mistakes and give fans the biggest marquee possible.

Plus, if the TNA Knockouts World Championship can make an appearance, why not the TNA World Championship? Show off the best and brightest! This is an advertisement for TNA as much as it is anything else.


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