10 Totally Backwards Wrestling Match Stipulations

Loser Leaves Town? How about Loser STAYS In Town instead!

Thunder Rosa Kamille

The world of professional wrestling has long loved adding special conditions to matches. Generally, these are meant to be the pinnacle of a feud - a thrilling, extra-special way to blow off a longstanding beef between wrestlers.

These matches tend to live up to their goal and have produced some of the greatest spectacles in pro wrestling history. Hell In a Cell between Undertaker and Mankind. Jimmy Snuka's leap off the steel cage at Madison Square Garden. The first Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. Hell, even Terry Funk vs Sabu in their barbed wire match for the ECW title.

The matches in this list are nothing like those.

No, this list is comprised of wrestling contests where the stipulation tagged on simply made no sense, either from a storyline standpoint or from a reality (well, wrestling reality) standpoint. They aren't limited to any one promotion; it seems that pretty much every wrestling organization operating in the last thirty or so years has managed to put on at least one or two stip matches that just didn't work.

These are stipulations that defy logic, that leave you with your jaw hanging agape at the fact that anyone wrote them, let alone approved them for airing.

10. Monster Truck Sumo Match - Halloween Havoc 1995

Thunder Rosa Kamille

Leading up to Halloween Havoc, the mustacheless Hulkster was chilling on his motorcycle signing autographs when the Giant, then brand new, drove up in a monster truck, missing Hulk but crushing his beloved motorcycle.

This led to the Hulkster finding his own truck to engage Giant in a 'sumo match' on the roof of Cobo Hall. After several minutes of loud trucks pushing each other, Hogan won, because of course he did, and he climbed down from his truck to celebrate his victory.

Here's where it gets good.

The Giant attacked Hogan, who accidentally pushed the Giant off the roof and into the Detroit River. Despite this stunning development, no one seemed too alarmed. Hulk came to the ring for the regular match he was supposed to have with the Giant, and instead of being arrested for manslaughter, tried to justify himself.

Then the Giant, who not only survived but looked fine, made his way to the ring, fought Hogan, and ended up bearhugging him to death with the debuting Yeti after a Jimmy Hart heel turn.

What was the point of the monster truck bit - the winner didn't get any kind of advantage or benefit in their match. Why didn't they just finish the night with the Giant 'dead' and follow up on Nitro? How did the Giant survive his fall? Why wasn't anyone upset that Hogan killed someone?

What a fever dream.

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