10 Totally Gross Modern WWE Storylines

Ric Flair and Lacey Evans is what happen when Vince McMahon gets creepy...

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For a businessman savvy enough to turn his father's regional professional wrestling territory into a publically-traded global entertainment juggernaut, one would imagine Vince McMahon to be a mature, hyper-intelligent tycoon. It can therefore come as a surprise to hear numerous stories of Big Mac's affliction for more sophomoric humor, especially when it comes to private biological processes and awkward (and often highly sexual) relationship scenarios.

Such a taste for poop jokes and indecent visuals has led McMahon and his giant creative team down some extremely shady paths, resulting in weeks of cringeworthy programming no one ever asked for. Sometimes his appreciation for indecency has produced a few entertaining moments (even The Boogeyman had his fans) whereas other times, it saw Triple H making love to a mannequin inside of a casket as though it was the dead body of Kane's ex-girlfriend.

More often than not, Vince's flair for the grotesque has led to various abominations over the years. Luckily for fans, a handful of the more modern gross storylines only lasted a few weeks and were never revisited. Unfortunately, most were later reappropriated (if not already reappropriations themselves) for other performers, with each reincarnation a little worse than the last, leaving fans in search of their remote controllers...

10. 32-Year-Old Murphy Gets Intimate With Rey Mysterio's 19-Year-Old Daughter - 2020

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In the midst of what felt like a never-ending feud between Seth Rollins and the Mysterio Family, Murphy turned from a disciple of 'The Monday Night Messiah' to a hopeless romantic. What ensued were several moments that caused fans to either squint their eyes or change the channel.

A love interest subplot wasn't a bad thing on the surface, as it added layers to both the narrative and characters. And what's more reliable than a tale from the heart?

One of the main issues was that Murphy had been around the sun 32 times during the debacle, while Aalyah was only 19. Although their relationship was perfectly legal in the US and received both Daddy and Momma Mysterio's consent, fans were still struck by the discernable age difference. To frame it differently, at her age, Murphy would have been entering college as she began her high school years.

Another issue plaguing the relationship was the execution. At first, it felt like a forced addition to the feud and a long way to go to have Murphy turn on Rollins. Soon, it seemed like fans witnessed the two awkwardly making out every Monday night. It didn't help matters that neither performer appeared to be involved with their role. Aalyah became more comfortable in front of the cameras, but her main squeeze often stared off into the distance, as though imagining himself anywhere besides the center of the ring.

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