10 Totally Insane Wrestling Crowd Moments

9. WWE Star Gets Fired After Appearing In TNA Crowd

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How dense do you have to be?

WWE as the WWF had spent much of its history brainwashing its fandom into believing that every other wrestling product was inferior. They were so famously "the recognised leader in global sports entertainment" that the Jericho Appreciation Society parody that signature to this very day.

When slowly overtaking WCW in 1998, Vince, high on imminent victory, took to saying the quiet part loudly. Explicit mentions of "dubya see dubya" were made to mock the competition, which Vince McMahon actively despised as a result of his "feud" with Ted Turner, which was more Grimes Vs. Simpson than an actual thing both men cared about.

Now, Turner had nothing to do with the fledgling TNA outfit, but still: you'd have to deduce, as a WWE independent contractor, that endorsing whatever passed for the competition, in no matter how small a way, wasn't a wise idea. Robbie McAllister only seemed to grasp this at the last minute when an enterprising TNA caught him on camera when he attended a show in 2008. Fittingly enough for a Highlander, he looked very sheepish.

He lost his WrestleMania bonus of $4,000 as a result, and this incident is said to have led to his release just four months later.

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