10 Totally Wasted Wrestling Gimmicks

Even the most compelling gimmicks have the potential to be painfully fumbled.

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You can be the greatest in-ring technician ever to lace up a pair of boots, turn into the second coming of Muhammad Ali when a microphone is placed in your hand, and possess a physique a Greek god would be somewhat jealous of, but without a decent gimmick complementing those qualities, your chances of making big bucks in the wrestling world are pretty damn low.

Now, when the word "gimmick" finds its way into the average conversation about those folks bumping around a squared-circle, most people's minds jump to the more larger-than-life offerings, with the likes of The Undertaker, Mankind, and The Hurricane being a few notable highlights. Yet, simply turning the real-life personality of a wrassler up to 11 can also produce a gimmick capable of captivating the world - just ask a certain Texas Rattlesnake.

But, for every 'Stone Cold', 'Great One', and 'Heartbreak Kid', there's unfortunately another seemingly mouthwatering character, brimming with potential, that finds itself being depressingly ran straight into the ground. From sinister puppetmasters to clinical mercenaries, these particularly absorbing gimmicks all frustratingly stumbled when they could've soared.

10. CJ Parker - Hippie

adam rose leo kruger

CJ Parker is an example of a star with all the potential in the world, but who just never really clicked whilst navigating his way through Triple H's developmental braindchild.

It wasn't through a lack of trying, though.

After being jobbed out during his early days in NXT, Parker returned with a new hippie gimmick, fluidly dancing his way to the ring and declaring that he just wanted to "change this world". The plan was originally for this new schtick to catapult Parker into being a fan favourite. However, as is often the case in the world of pro wrestling, the NXT faithful were having none of it and he soon transitioned into a deluded heel who turned on those in attendance. Think "The New Daniel Bryan" with added dreadlocks.

Despite this act clearly having some legs and Parker knowing his way around a ring, he ultimately found himself becoming fodder for whichever new face Trips and the gang wanted to get behind next. Thankfully, he'd land on his feet upon exiting WWE in 2015, reverting back to his Juice Robinson gimmick and forging a successful career in NJPW.

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