10 TV-14 Moments WWE Wishes Never Happened

Don't expect these sort of controversial antics in WWE's new TV-14 playground...

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While many fans were quick to celebrate and salute the recent news of WWE reportedly being on the edge of returning to a TV-14 landscape on its flagship Monday Night product, it should be noted that simply steering into edgier waters doesn't necessary guarantee a higher quality of television show.

In fact, as WWE proved time and time again from the late '90s to the closing stages of the noughties, the increased freedom the likes of Vince McMahon and co. had when it came to forging narratives and crafting in-ring contests actually often set the stage for particularly troubling and highly controversial developments that the company most definitely won't want to relive in the coming years.

Sure, you could argue that this was merely the product of a different moment in time, one where the idea of a talented female wrestler getting down on all fours and barking like a dog was rather unsettlingly deemed acceptable.

Yet, that still doesn't change the fact that, from Faces that Run the Place getting wrapped up in rather raunchy backstage skits, to gory bloodbaths that perhaps went a little too far, each and every one of these TV-14 occurrences have long since been locked away in the vault and likely won't be dusted off for a highlight package any time soon.

10. Vince McMahon Takes On God

John Cena Candice Michelle

Where better to start than with the increasingly controversial former Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon when it comes to a list of shocking TV-14 beats that WWE have tried to bury deep in the ground, eh?

And while his now even more disturbing penchant for getting up close and personal with his various talented female stars will be touched upon a little later, first it's time to focus on that time the one-time boss decided to take on The Almighty himself.

No, not Bobby Lashley. Though, he did do that. And won, of course.

Coming in the thick of a blood feud with Shawn Michaels in 2006, Vinnie Mac did everything in his power to destroy The Heartbreak Kid. Including taking aim at his beloved God on the back of the once-troubled icon turning to Christianity in his later years.

And if creating his own religion by the name of McMahonism wasn't problematic enough, Vince thought it wise to throw down with The Lord himself at Backlash, teaming with his son Shane in a match against HBK and, erm, God.

Sure enough, the simply insane storyline received a ton of criticism and McMahon didn't even put God over in his only in-ring showing.

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