10 UFC Fighters That Would Make Great Pro Wrestlers

From the four-sided to the eight-sided, this lot will dominate in any ring.

Chuck Liddell
Jae C. Hong/AP/Press Association Images

Despite what hardcore fans of MMA and pro wrestling respectively might tell you, the mediums have a fair bit in common.

Both rely on menacing super athletes to sell big showdowns on the mic before doing battle in the ring. The most obvious difference (and spoiler alert for those who still think Santa's coming down the chimney next month) is that pro wrestling is worked and MMA is competitive.

As the most complete form of competitive fighting on earth today, MMA has racked up a lot of jaded fans from both pro wrestling and boxing in recent years. Not only are the fights typically more brutal but, funnily enough, the personalities these days are bigger than most found in pro wrestling as well.

Ironically, many of the best talkers in MMA take a lot of influence from the greats of wrestling, updating legendary schticks to suit their sport. It's a practise that goes all the way back to boxing GOAT Muhammad Ali taking note of Gorgeous George's crowd heat-building exercises in the '50s.

Between the crowd-working and astonishing physical prowess, it almost goes without saying many MMA fighters past and present would fit pro wrestling like a glove. From jacked beasts to grappling wizards and clinical strikers, the likes of Vince McMahon and Tony Khan (and Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman if one steps back in time) have no doubt wondered what some of these warriors could do on their roster...

10. Sean O'Malley

At a glance, Sean O'Malley might seem like an odd fit for the squared circle. Fighting in the relatively petite bantamweight division, 'Sugar' has a long and wiry frame that he uses to his advantage against typically shorter opponents.

His suitability for pro wrestling lies in his larger-than-life personality and astute approach to self-marketing. Despite being unranked in the UFC, O'Malley is considered a major star with a prominent and vocal fanbase.

The heavily inked knockout artist has a well-regarded podcast with his coach Tim Welch called 'The Timbo Sugarshow'. In it, O'Malley gives his takes on a variety of topics including MMA, lifestyle choices, diets and well being. The show has allowed O'Malley to connect with viewers in a way few fighters manage, drastically improving his stock in the UFC in the process.

Couple that with his colourful appearance (that hair is something else) and amusing post-fight interviews and you have a likeable, eccentric babyface on your hands. One could even book his matches along the lines of Brad Pitt's presentation (sans the crime, murder, thievery and Pitt's curious take on an Irish traveller's accent) in Snatch: a scrawnier guy who happens to pack lethal knockout power come bell time.

He'll just need to be prepped for inevitable 'Sean One Malley' chants from certain rowdier portions of wrestling audiences...


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