10 UFC Fighters That Would Make Great Pro Wrestlers

9. Valentina Shevchenko

One of the most dominant champions in the UFC today, Valentina Shevchenko has scaled many a mountain in MMA bar a certain Amanda Nunes-shaped one. With flawless counter-striking abilities and a black belt in Judo, the multi-faceted Shevchenko's fighting style could translate neatly to the squared circle.

Through Judo, she'd have an array of takedowns to execute on unlucky wrestling opponents in between brutalising them with kickboxing shoot-strikes. Shevchenko is no stranger to the world of entertainment either. She recently co-starred in Halle Berry's MMA drama 'Bruised'.

Along with acting in the film, 'Bullet' worked on the choreography for the fight scenes as well. This experience could help in ensuring her deadly offence translates safely to the worked brutality of pro wrestling. Of course, she might need a little more seasoning in this regard given she broke two of Berry's ribs with a single kick.

Shevchenko's fondness for the Lezginka, a traditional dance from the Caucasus, as a post-fight victory celebration would be a natural fit in the squared circle. As a face, it adds an interesting cultural dimension to her persona. As a heel, it could easily come off as a kind of post-match gloating.

Both menacing and charismatic, it's perfectly plausible that Valentina Shevchenko could enjoy a similar level of success in pro wrestling to women's MMA pioneer Ronda Rousey.


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