10 UFC Fighters That Would Make Great Pro Wrestlers

8. Derrick Lewis

Forget Paul Wight’s right, Derrick Lewis’ one punch manpower rivals that of, well, One Punch Man's power.

Never the most skilled of MMA fighters, Lewis uses his strength, resolve and unconventional approach to grappling to get the job done. While the Houston behemoth is a menacing, heavy set warrior, he’s also a funny bloke who enjoys goofing around before and after the bell.

His victory speeches, from complaining about his testicular temperature to dismissing abdominal injuries as toiletry needs, have turned plentiful heads over the years. The odd combo of brain-rattling punching power and low brow humour could be an easy hit in professional wrestling.

Lewis is intimidating enough to be a convincing threat to any main event wrestling talent out there. His confident, unfiltered mic work adds a fresh dimension to the bad-ass monster schtick most bookers would likely give him. Instead of a heel brute, Lewis could easily be presented as a dominant babyface. His fatal right hand is an obvious finisher and one he could easily get over after sending a few heels packing.

Despite his respectable success in the octagon, ‘The Black Beast’ has never secured UFC gold. Perhaps his luck on this front would be different in the squared circle.


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