10 Ugliest Wrestling Championship Belts

9. GFW Women's Championship (2015 - Present)

Jeff Hardy TNA Champion

For Global Force Wrestling, the promotion that isn't really a promotion, it's kind of fitting that they've got belts that aren't really belts. All of the company's championships have similar designs - silver and green plates on black leather - meaning that they're all ugly. The company's Women's Championship, though, is far and away the worst.

There's a reason why championships are sometimes simply referred to as "gold". The ones that don't contain the precious metal look weird and plain. Of course, GFW decided they couldn't go on TV (oh, wait...) with a plain-looking belt, so they had to jazz it up. Enter Slimer, who seems to have passed through this title a couple of times.

Color aside, the design itself is also hideous. There are globes, globes, and more globes, and where there aren't globes, there's a weird design taking up space. Plus, since I'm a grammar guy, I'll point out that there's no such word as "Womens". An apostrophe would come in handy.


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