10 Ultra-Rare WWE Championship Matches You've Definitely Never Seen

10. Steve Austin (c) Vs Savio Vega (April 17th, 1998)


There's something quite sweet about the idea of Stone Cold Steve Austin ensuring one of the men that helped him get over in WWE got a huge main event payday once he made it to the top, even if that isn't perhaps the whole story here.

In his first run of house show headliners after winning the big one at WrestleMania XIV, Austin spent most of the time forcing then-European Champion Triple H to look at the lights in crowd-pleasing Stunner-and-home main events.

For one night in Lowell, Massachusetts, this wasn't the case.

With the D-Generation X leader off the show completely, the top spot fell to Savio Vega just as it had done at February's No Way Out: In Your House when Shawn Michaels required time to let his back heal just enough to do the honours for Austin at the 'Show Of Shows'.

Back then, it made instant history as one of the worst mystery partner reveals in company history. Here, the fans were likely kinder to the Los Boricuas gaffer before he too returned the favour for their 1996 Beware Of Dog 2 Caribbean Strap Match classic.

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