10 Under-Appreciated WWE September PPV Matches

September's not appreciated enough, and neither are these ten great matches.

AJ Styles Dean Ambrose Backlash

September is a difficult month for WWE. With the start of Monday Night Football, RAW's ratings take a serious hit. Plus, the fanbase at large go through a major post-SummerSlam hangover that slightly subsides during Survivor Series, but doesn't go away entirely until the Royal Rumble. This generally results in a stretch from September to January where WWE seem creatively stagnant and directionless. With none of the major angles heading into WrestleMania building until the Royal Rumble, fans are forced to sit through a lot of filler that feels like an uninspired rerun most of the time.

However, such a stigma can result in quality getting overlooked. While September has never been a banner month for quality PPVs, the fact is, there's still been plenty of great stuff to come from it. That doesn't include the obvious classics such as Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind or Cena vs. Edge in a TLC match. There have been some truly standout matches that have been swept under the rug probably because they took place in September instead of at a bigger PPV.

Not all of these matches were instant classics, but all of them are ones that aren't talked about enough, or feature performers who don't get enough credit.

10. Bret Hart Vs. Jean-Pierre LaFitte (In Your House 3)

AJ Styles Dean Ambrose Backlash

Despite taking place in a down period in the company and having an abysmal build, Bret Hart's match with Jean-Pierre LaFitte showed that the most skilled workers could make anyone look credible, and that any match could be a thrilling watch.

LaFitte (played by former Quebecer Pierre, AKA Carl Ouellet) had the absolutely inspired gimmick of an evil pirate who stole things. What's sad is that this gimmick was hardly WWE's most cartoon-y creation in 1995. Also sad about 1995 was that while Kevin Nash was consistently stinking up the main events as WWE Champion, Bret Hart was forced into meaningless feuds with the likes of Jerry Lawler, Issac Yankem, and, of course, LaFitte. Their match at In Your House 3 came about because LaFitte, I kid you not, stole Bret's jacket, and Bret was cross about it.

However, Bret, being the professional he was, shouldered the feud with gusto, and delivered a surprisingly good match with LaFitte. Featuring a variety of high spots and near-falls, the match is a textbook case of Bret making any competent worker appear on his level. Even at a time when crowd attendance and engagement were at all-time lows, the crowd were into this bout in a big way, legitimately believing LaFitte was close to defeating Hart.

All in a day's work for the 'Excellence of Execution'.


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