10 Underrated Wrestling Partnerships

Oooooooh, what a (deceptively good) rush!

santino marella beth phoenix

Randy Savage and Miss. Elizabeth, Bobby Heenan and Ric Flair, Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar, The New Age Outlaws, The Undertaker and Paul Bearer, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, Vince McMahon and toilet humour etc. Everyone knows the best partnerships in wrestling history, but what about the most overlooked? Where do they fit in?

On this list, that's where.

OK, so the McMahon and poo jokes one was written with tongue planted firmly in cheek, but it's more literal than one might think. Throughout his tyrannical reign as chief of wrestling's biggest monopoly, Vince has thrown an awful lot of sh*t at the wall to see what might stick. Sometimes, it slides down awkwardly and everyone moves on. Other times, his 'try this, pal' mentality gives birth to beautiful on screen magic.

It's those often unlikely successes that get full attention here, and though they're hardly going to be to everyone's tastes, they deserve way, way more credit than they get. There's even room for a double act outside McMahon walls - one that aimed to cleanse the world of some serious ugly...


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