10 Underrated Wrestling Partnerships

10. LOD 2000 & Sunny

LOD 2000

First up, it's a real beauty and beast combo.

Some will be reading this thinking, "...but LOD 2000 was a let down". There's merit to those thoughts (it was hardly on par with Hawk and Animal's squash-match run in the '80s), but it's also true that, for a brief spell, Sunny's alliance with the ageing tag-team revitalised them.

Check out the reaction for their comeback at WrestleMania XIV or listen to the booming response in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Over The Edge 1998 for proof. Armed with mega-babe Sunny, Hawk and Animal were, temporarily at least, one of the coolest things in wrestling all over again.

Before WWE crudely decided to inject Hawk's real-life personal demons and book a phoney suicide bid, LOD 2000 had red-blooded males of the late-'90s ogling Sunny and cheering their face-painted, spiked heroes like it was 1987. They had sex appeal, muscle and sleek new silver outfits.


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