10 Underutilized Wrestlers In WWE (Who Could Be Stars In AEW)

Rusev Day-EW?


What a time to be a wrestling fan. Raw kicks off Mondays with three hours of action, AEW and NXT are battling it out on Wednesday, and SmackDown has a new Friday night home on Fox. It is truly a wrestling fan's dream.

But what about the wrestlers themselves?

For those who are big parts of the historic week in wrestling that has just passed, this probably feels like a highlight of their career. But what about those who STILL can't make it to television?

WWE is suffering from a weird and confusing affliction; they have so many talented wrestlers across all their brands that they can't possibly utilize them all. Part of that is to hold talent away from the competition. That policy is terrible for the fans, but more importantly, the careers of the wrestlers held hostage.

Whether it's because they don't have the look, size, or mic skills, whatever keeps them off of Vince's nice list, sitting on the shelf will not improve anything. Treat your wrestlers like a trophy; don't give them atrophy.

Thus, it stands to reason that some wrestlers being stuck in this "hire and hide" game would be better off jumping ship to the other company.

Nobody wants to play the waiting game through the prime of their career. They'd rather play with Dynamite.

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