10 Unexpected WWE MVPs Of 2020 (So Far)

10. Drew Gulak


Early into his run as an official member of the SmackDown roster, it looked as though former Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak had simply been brought in as another body for Braun Strowman to steamroll.

Yet, things started to look up for the PowerPoint presenting performer in 2020 when Daniel Bryan clearly saw something in him and went out of his way to work with the seriously underrated character.

The pair put on an absolute banger at Elimination Chamber and this eventually led to Gulak training with Bryan going forward.

Since forming an alliance with D-Bry, Gulak has been given the freedom to show off his untouchable technique in between the ropes. Matches against other supreme workers like Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura and current-Intercontinental Champion A.J. Styles have all hammered home just how excellent the star can be when he's not used as chum for Vince McMahon's latest beefy pet project.

There was a brief scare a couple of weeks back when Gulak allowed his contract with WWE to expire after another instant hit with Bryan on SmackDown, but he quickly performed a U-turn and is back to being one of SmackDown's brightest stars in a truly dark period.

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