10 Unfortunate Members Of WWE's 50/50 Club

9. Ryback

Ryback has received a main event level push in the past but was unable to maintain his success in large part due to his win/loss record. There's no better example of how important winning is than by looking at the (re)debut of the man known as Ryback. The former Skip Sheffield burst back onto the scene in impressive fashion by amassing an undefeated streak that lasted several months. The peak of Ryback's popularity came in the Fall of 2012 when he challenged CM Punk for the WWE Championship. WWE had an opportunity there to create a new superstar, but decided against it. Instead, WWE opted to make The Rock the new champion and Ryback failed to capture the title after several controversial finishes involving the debuting Shield faction, Paul Heyman, and crooked referee Brad Maddox. Following Ryback's first televised losses, he would go on to lose to Mark Henry at WrestleMania 29 in a baffling move considering Ryback would be challenging John Cena immediately after. Like too many others in the company, feuding with Cena started Ryback's descent into dreaded 50/50 territory. He has since held the Intercontinental Championship and was featured prominently in a 2014 storyline with the Authority, but he is one of the biggest offenders of superstars that lose as much as they win, and his career has suffered because of it.
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