10 Unintentionally Hilarious WWE Moments

Falls, fails, flops and foul ups.

Wrestling and comedy can make strange bedfellows indeed. Done right, it can be great - The Rock at his peak, say, or the acerbic wit of Bobby Heenan. Wrestling taken too seriously can be cringeworthy in the extreme, so why not have a laugh?

Other times, though, WWE’s attempts at levity can end up an utter disaster. Vince McMahon’s sense of humour famously leans towards the adolescent, and can result in grown men and women having to indulge in the whims of an overgrown child with a billion dollar company, toilet humour not worthy of a late American Pie sequel.

Often, WWE is at its funniest when the laughs come completely unintentional. Wrestling is at its core an utterly ridiculous business after all, so it stands to reason that its disastrous moments can result in the biggest belly laughs of all.

These moments left faces red, bookers furious, and even some performers in serious pain. But you’d be lying if you said they didn’t make you laugh harder than just about any script a WWE writer penned to curry favour with the boss.

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