10 Unrecognised Wrestling Championship Reigns

These 10 championship victories may not be officially recognized, but they definitely happened.

Professional wrestling is a strange and confusing place. For decades, there were various promotions and territories, all with their own champions. However, the most sought after titles were the two separate versions of the World Championship. The National Wrestling Alliance recognized their champ, who would compete in all of the NWA€™s various territories. Meanwhile. the World Wrestling Federation -- and its predecessor, the WWWF -- recognized their own champion, who competed almost exclusively in the Northeast. Over the years, countless men have held championship gold, but there may be more title holders than you think. Due to the haphazard and crazy world of wrestling, there are a few instances of titles changing hands, but not being officially recognized for whatever reason. This happened infrequently in both the WWF and the NWA, but there are some men that are still not acknowledged as having been champion. Especially in today€™s day and age, with the WWE as the only reigning worldwide sports entertainment company, championship histories can be muddled and confusing. Officially, however, the WWE does not recognize the championship reigns of a select few from both the Federation and the NWA/WCW. Join us as we take a look at some of these discredited men who you never knew were champions.

Douglas Scarpa is a freelance writer, independent filmmaker, art school graduate, and pro wrestling aficionado -- all of which mean he is in financial ruin. He has no backup plan to speak of, yet maintains his abnormally high spirits. If he had only listened to the scorn of his childhood teachers, he wouldn't be in this situation.