10 Ups & 1 Down From AEW Dynamite (Feb 19)

A bitter, brutal, bloody cage match, Cobb vs. Moxley, and more.

Cody Blood

Last night's AEW Dynamite was as close to perfect as one can expect from the promotion at the moment.

The one notable Down was a considerable one that needed to be mentioned, but lasted only a couple of minutes. Dynamite returned to a high gear with an excellent bout immediately after it, and the result was a show that once again deserves to be mentioned amongst the best of the brand's short history. AEW is rolling at the moment; shows like this are the reason.

Much of this episode's appeal came from the long-awaited Cody vs. Wardlow cage match. It was the final hurdle for 'The American Nightmare' to hop on the road to MJF and Revolution, and the first time we'd see 'Mr. Mayhem' between the ropes. Moreover, it was going down in Atlanta, the same town in which the Four Horseman broke Dusty Rhodes' ankle at Starrcade '85. That's heavy.

Dynamite was also set to feature Kenny Omega and Hangman Page defending their Tag Team Championships against The Lucha Brothers and a battle royal to determine the next number one contenders. Kris Statlander wrestled Shanna in a women's division eliminator, Jeff Cobb looked to take Jon Moxley out, and Nyla Rose planted her flag after last week's title win.

Let's light the fuse...


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