10 Very Bad WWE Ideas That Only Lasted 1 Day

24 hour party people, some monks, magicians and models, and NXT 2.0 nearly gets a nazi.

Gunther Stark

Did you know that Karrion Kross' strange aesthetic 2021 reinvention lasted for more than a day?

It'd be easy to question that for all the footprint it left ahead of the former NXT Champion's release later that year. The daft red mask and chainmail was unforgettable of course, much like Kross' debut loss to Jeff Hardy, but all for the wrong reasons. Both are stories of futile expectations, of that old idiom of watching the same thing happening and expecting different results, and of WWE's systemic incompetence almost directly resulting in the loss of somebody's income.

For all the indignity of that sorry tale, Kross was at least permitted more than 24 hours to try and polish the particular turds he was served. Not much longer of course, and certainly not long enough to save his fledgling WWE run before the cuts came.

That's the reality of some of this sh*t - in wrestling, the risible creative from the mind of the management can knacker the finances of the workers. Some of these have had dire consequences, but at least they haven't lasted long enough to kill careers forever...

10. Von Wagner: SmackDown Security

Gunther Stark

Unintentionally hilarious NXT 2.0 goober Von Wagner is kind of a delight on Tuesday nights.

Or, as he'd say, "CUM TOOSDAY". Not intentionally, but his pronunciation of the words "come" and "Tuesday" resulted in the line becoming memeworthy just like everything else he's done and said on that ridiculous misfit show. Wagner's a big guy with a unique anti-charisma that, in today's marketplace, actually stands out quite well amongst those doing a very good job indeed.

It was this that somebody at SmackDown presumably saw when they inserted him as a one night security guard to deal with the blowback towards the increasing lawlessness being overseen by heelish incompetent authority figures Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville.

He didn't have to do a lot beyond just just standing there and looking menacing, and even that looked ever so slightly off. The Wagnerholics watching 2.0 weekly presumably got a kick out of it, but those backstage in WWE were less than impressed.

He wasn't just disappeared the usual way - he went without trace. The second generation star's presence hasn't been mentioned ever since. Only by being so idiosyncratically memorable can we even confirm it happened for sure.

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