10 Vince McMahon WWE Creations Triple H Must Destroy

Triple H needs to grab his sledgehammer and smash these Vince McMahon ideas.

Triple H Sledgehammer

Triple H has set about the task of stamping his own unique mark on WWE's product since assuming complete control in July. Amongst other things, 'The Game' gave commentators more freedom, brought back several stars Vince McMahon didn't care for, simplified stories and re-emphasised the word "wrestling" in the promotion's name.

There's still so much more he could do to better WWE.

Many of McMahon's ideas are still lingering about the place with a hefty stench, and it's about time they shuffled off into the distance alongside Hunter's ex-boss. Please note, this is not supposed to be some retrospective burial of everything Vince did - the WWE patriarch's run was successful, after all, but some of his creations need the Triple H sledgehammer treatment ASAP.

If Trips can rid major shows like Raw, SmackDown and NXT of these things, then he'd be doing both himself and the core fanbase a huge favour. All of them are reminders of the worst sides to Vince and his increasingly-formulaic approach to shooting wrestling.

They've got to go, and they've got to go now. Not many folks out there will miss them if they do...

10. Identikit Sets

Triple H Sledgehammer

In 1999, SmackDown launched with a different flavour to established flagship Raw. The blue brand had an oval-shaped tron to the side of the stage, a unique entranceway for wrestlers to walk through and a fresh set of graphics and other assets. That's not the case in 2022.

These days, the only marked difference between Raw and SmackDown is the fact that one is splashed with red and the other is blue. The gigantic tron sets look identikit, and WWE even ships them around for monthly pay-per-view events too. That's a big problem, because it means everything looks the bloody same.

Triple H should change that.

WWE's presentation has been staler than week old bread for years now (more on that later), and the sets are part of that. Remember when pay-per-views boasted bespoke looks? That was part of the fun, but it's been lost in an era obsessed with CGI overlays and samey tron colour schemes.

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