10 Ways Hulk Hogan Is The Most Ridiculous Human Ever

Hulk Hogan: From laughable lies, to disgusting fabrications, and then some.

Elvis Presley Hulk Hogan

Few, if any, wrestlers are as outright ridiculous as Hulk Hogan.

Sure, the wrestling industry has so often been about bravado, about exaggeration, about how you present yourself, and perception being reality. But Hogan has taken that concept, and turned it was up to 11. In fact, scrap that, it's more like 111 in the case of the Hulkster.

While some of that bravado and exaggeration may see a wrestler add a few inches to their height, give their character some badass backstory, or just bend the truth with bold and brash claims, Hulk Hogan is a different beast entirely.

Some of the words and actions of Hulk are utterly outrageous, and not in a good way. Throughout his career, Terry Bollea has said and done things that have veered from insane, laughable lies, to disgusting, distasteful fabrications, and obviously to vile, atrocious racist remarks.

From solely a pro wrestling standpoint, Hulk Hogan is clearly one of - if not the - biggest stars in the history of the business. But taking away the sold-out venues, the huge PPV main events, the unfathomable merchandise numbers, and the carrying of the then-WWF into an unheard of era of global dominance, and Hulk Hogan is also one of the most ludicrous, disillusioned people on the planet.

10. The Montreal Screwjob, As Per Hulk Hogan

Elvis Presley Hulk Hogan

If Hulk Hogan is to be believed, the infamous Montreal Screwjob:

- Took place at either WrestleMania 2000 or WrestleMania X-Seven

- Bret Hart was told on that night by Vince McMahon that Shawn Michaels was winning the WWF Title

- The fans in Canada were chanting "Bret Screwed Bret"

- Michaels "pulled a fast one" on Bret by holding him down and pinning him

- Despite supposedly being the greatest wrestler of all time, Hart was held down by "little teeny" Shawn and embarrassed

That ever-so-slightly skewed recollection comes from an Australian radio appearance from Hulk, and also from a Hogan conversation with Bubba the Love Sponge. Pretty much all that the Hulkster got correct about this most infamous of nights, is that it took place in Canada and featured Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels.

Of course, this all played out at the 1997 Survivor Series; Hart was told by McMahon that he'd retain the WWF Title in a double DQ finish; no fans chanted "Bret Screwed Bret"; and Michaels technically won by submission rather than pinfall, due to the screwjob that took place.

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