10 Ways Hulk Hogan Is The Most Ridiculous Human Ever

8. Time Travel, Brother!

Elvis Presley Hulk Hogan
"If I say I wrestled 400 days a year, it's no exaggeration. My years were actually longer than 365 days."

That is a quote from Hulk Hogan's My Life Outside the Ring book, and yes, it is indeed a huge exaggeration.

According to Hogan, due to him working in the United Sates and also flying out to work dates in Japan, the time difference between these countries meant Hulk gained hours and days.

As an example, the Hulkster notes how he wrestled in Madison Square Garden, flew out to work Tokyo's Egg Dome the same day - which gained him 14 hours - and then returned to the US West Coast for a show. For Hulk, he was "constantly adding days to [his] years".

Of course, like many Hogan claims, this is all complete nonsense. And while some of Hulk's bizarre stories over the years cannot unequivocally be proven incorrect, necessarily, this one is very much a cold case of, y'know, basic logic. Or in Hogan's case, illogic.

Hulk seems to get time zones confused with actual time travel. Sure, if he flew from the US to Japan, his clock may go back 14 hours. However, once Hogan returned to the US, that clock would then go forward 14 hours. Never is time gained, per se, and it's absolutely insane to believe such travel added extra days - 35 of them, even - to the standard calendar year.

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