10 Ways SmackDown Can Save WWE

What can WWE's lesser of two main roster evils do to pull Monday Night Raw back from the brink?

Seth Rollins

Don't misinterpret the title of this article. Your standard issue episode of WWE SmackDown is a long, long way from being good enough to help reimagine the company's entire output, and that's not being said enough.

The recent Madison Square Garden edition of the flagship was probably one of the best ever episodes in the show's history, but 'The World's Most Famous Arena' had a Raw Reunion-style energy to it, but with the building itself taking the place of Ted Dibiase and Kelly Kelly catching up over cocktails at the grossest party this side of Boris Johnson's Conservatives. Effort was made to entertain the New York locals, all the big stars did big star stuff, and the buzz was briefly back.

It was gone again within the week, but that one show was evidence when loads was needed that the company can still do this sh*t, even if they so often don't bother. They have to - they are losing a perception war out there, and it's one that might have far greater consequences than ratings ones from Mondays and Wednesdays past.

Perception is often everything - WWE brokered a billion dollar deal for the show despite a multi-year decline in ratings and fan engagement based on selling themselves as a perfect of live sports and entertainment - and they needed the idea back out there that SmackDown was still decent.

If only so it could uplift Monday Night Raw...

10. Protecting Roman Reigns At All Costs

Seth Rollins

There's a creeping and uneasy feeling about the Crown Jewel main event between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar.

'The Head Of The Table' hasn't proven himself a consistent needle-mover on his own on SmackDown, with the likes of Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar credited more for SmackDown ratings spikes than the man that has held the Universal Championship for over a year and rebuilt hardcore fan faith in the show in the process.

This inconvenience shouldn't be what tricks Vince McMahon into booking something resembling The Fiend Vs Bill Goldberg when the group are back in Saudi Arabia.

Reigns' lengthy stint with the belt has at long last established him as the star the company wanted him to be for years. Live crowds have seemingly enjoyed playing along with the character too, booing for the good of having fun rather than cheering because he's obviously such a bigger deal than everybody else.

A quick loss to Lesnar - and it'd have to be quick, which again wouldn't help - could be a complete disaster even if Reigns is booked to win the belt back and buy WWE another major main event. Faith in Raw will only come from faith in SmackDown, which will only remain if the company don't troll the audience with another empty Brock shock.

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