10 Ways WWE 2K14 Is Better Than Actual WWE Television

Because Vince McMahon can't PG up the games. Well, not yet anyhow...

WWE 2K14 has been a mainstream crossover success. Loved by both gaming and wrestling fans, it has proved to be accessible, addictive and wildly entertaining. It's the kind of game where you can jump right into a match, or if longevity is more your thing, the '30 years of Wrestlemania' mode is a mission-based story. As for sociability, the multiplayer is a riot when several wrestlers and weapons are thrown in. That's not to say the game is totally perfect. It looks visually stunning €“ like the real thing at times €“ but there are serious object detection and animation issues. A few minutes of playing and you will be niggled by your wrestler seemingly passing into solid objects, and the controls can prove tricky too. Nevertheless, for the most part, wrestling fans will find 2K14 to be an absolute treasure chest of goodies. Forget wasting three hours on a tedious episode of Raw, instead pop WWE 2K14 into your console and spend 3 hours engaging in wrestling as you wish it was. Forget the restraints of PG television, 2K14 is rated PEGI 16 and doesn't hold back in giving you the good stuff fondly remembered from wrestling's glory days. Here we look at 10 ways WWE 2K14 is better than actual current WWE television ...
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