10 Ways WWE Can #GiveDivasAChance

10. Stop Making It All About The Men

It too often feels like many of the Divas are only given TV time to help further the stories between the male Superstars. Naomi is a perfect example of this, as she's found herself in two rather unflattering male centric storylines recently. The first saw her being wooed by The Miz and her Uso husband seemingly doing all he could to stop her from furthering her career just because he was jealous and worried about his rival's real motivations. That ended up having no pay off for Naomi other than The Usos winning the Tag Team Championships, and now both her and Natalya are basically the third wheels in the feud between them and Tyson Kidd and Cesaro. While on the one hand it's good that the women are involved in a major championship rivalry like this, having them do more than just standing up for their man and playing a more pivotal role in the storyline is vital.
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