How To Find Redemption For RETRIBUTION.


Everything looked to finally be falling in to place for RETRIBUTION a few weeks ago.

Managing to gain some semblance of popularity with their social media accounts, the big bad band of ambushing arsonists were given an uplifting story swerve when Mustafa Ali was revealed to be the leader of the group of masked marauders, turning on The Hurt Business to support his fellow under-utilised brethren.

That welcome high has unfortunately been deflated since then, with RETRIBUTION struggling once more.

Having lost all of their official matches, been made to look weak by The Hurt Business, and being absolutely manhandled by the one-man wrecking machine that is The Fiend, it's hard to see the light at the end of the collapsing tunnel for RETRIBUTION.

Are the group too far gone, or is there a glimmer of hope left for WWE's creative to turn this storyline around and reap some benefit from the months of effort put into the angle? Or, as seems more likely, are the group doomed to further burials? Perhaps even literally at the hands of The Undertaker, finally wiping the group off of our screens at his 30th-anniversary celebration?

Let's find out..

10. Stop The Over-Production


One thing that has always been a cringe-inducing element of the RETRIBUTION experiment is the over-production of the group and their attacks. The shaky camera, the lights flickering, and the ridiculous deep voices have been a major crutch to any viewer taking the group seriously, and it comes off as a bad film student's attempt to make something edgy and threatening.

Remember the red lighting that used to bog down all of The Fiend's matches, and how superior the character and his work has been since they got rid of it? That. Do that.

The other thing that is irksome about the production poured in to the group's hijinks is WWE's sudden acceptance of the group and packaging of them. The graphic popping up to announce the group as Raw superstars during the WWE Draft was a ridiculous diminishing of everything the group has been saying in their promos.

If they are here to rebuild the WWE and rebel against it, why are they being displayed so proudly? Ali's fiery promo denouncing the way WWE does business would mean he would vehemently refuse to have the team advertised by the corporation, and it makes their entire modus operandi feel moot before new viewers even get a chance to hear it.

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