10 Ways WWE Has Warped The Minds Of Fans

Don't get worked by a 'Property of Performance Center' t-shirt.

The former Rusev, Miro, debuted on AEW Dynamite this week as the 'Best Man' for Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford's upcoming wedding.

Beyond the dreaded "brass ring" patter that Miro has confirmed on Twitch was a one-off cathartic "F*ck you," it was a damn inspired debut; Miro and Sabian are known streamers, tethering them together to make the alliance halfway convincing, and Miro of course has very recent previous with wedding angles. This is a creative and strategic triumph: wedding angles are a proven big draw, and AEW can lean on it to flex and succeed where WWE failed while attracting more viewers.

What this all is, ultimately, is very cute and elaborate dressing for what is an introductory programme. 'The Best Man', mark these words, will take on new meaning as a nickname in the months to come. This is AEW using its meticulous, deft nous to introduce a new character into its fictional universe.

It was divided in its reception.

Some were ecstatic to see a performer of fabulous range and a not inconsiderable ability to get over in a meritocracy. Some were mystified that he was introduced as a comedic midcard concern. Some used the hire as yet more ammunition to unleash the dumbest take of all time: AEW just hires WWE cast-offs!"

It's not just Miro...

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