10 Ways WWE Has Warped The Minds Of Fans

10. WWE Does Not Own Talent


WWE fans have been conditioned to accept WWE as the ultimate destination. Any and every other promotion is a step down. Mr. Brodie Lee; FTR; Shawn Spears: they're just WWE cast-offs!

Not withstanding the reality that all three acts requested to leave, whether or not it was granted immediately, WWE isn't some talent-making factory that creates toxic waste scooped up by Tony Khan in a lorry on the way to Jacksonville. How do you think any of this exists?

There was no Manhattan Valley Wrestling in 1984!

The WWF raided the less moneyed territories in a bid to destroy the system and expand itself. The WWF recruited talent from other promotions, reducing the "If AEW did it..." mutants to utter hypocrites, in order to become the "global recognised leader". Hulk Hogan was Hulk Hogan before 1984.

This, seriously, is the dumbest take of all time.

Vince marketed those talents very effectively, but then, so has Khan. The idea that it paints AEW as less of an alternative is bird-brained, too, because these performers are (mostly) very different to those presented under the WWE umbrella. Jon Moxley and Mr. Brodie Lee in particular are significantly more badass than they were in WWE.

Succeeding where the competition has failed is an astute business plan - "The wrestlers you want to believe in, and now actually can!" - and recruitment model for its future. "We won't book you like absolute sh*t!"

Also: why wouldn't a wrestling promotion hire skilled and marketable talent that may make them money?


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