10 Ways WWE Screwed Up At Battleground 2017

The worst PPV since December To Dismember? You be the judge.


It hasn't been a great year for SmackDown-branded pay-per-views. Elimination Chamber was solid, but everything since then has been disappointing, particularly Money In The Bank, which kicked-off with James Ellsworth stealing history from the women's division, and concluded with Baron Corbin's dull coronation.

Despite this, SD still weren't responsible for the worst show of 2017 as of yesterday afternoon. March's Fastlane, a Raw PPV, was an absolute stinker. Propped up by a dire midcard, it concluded with Goldberg's needless squash of WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens, and looked certain to finish as the year's worst - until Battleground happened.

The blue brand's latest PPV peaked with its first match. The Usos vs. New Day was tremendous, but not even Kevin Owens and AJ Styles (who produced a surprisingly bland United States Title bout) could follow. Unfortunately, this was one of the most depressingly bad shows WWE have produced in years, with the Punjabi Prison and Flag matches the biggest offenders.

The wrestlers didn't show their best work, but they weren't the main reason for Battleground's failure. Most of the issues came from the bookers, and when WWE conduct their postmortem, they'll find themselves culpable for its demise...


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