10 WCW Moments So Bad They’ll STILL Blow Your Mind

Shockingly, not all of these insanely bad WCW moments feature Vince Russo!

Vince Russo Kevin Nash WCW Blood

Reliving WCW's nonsense is some of the most fun one can have as a pro wrestling fan in 2023.

No, seriously. Give it a try! Boot up WWE Network/Peacock (if you can stomach the new look post-update) and dive into a world so chaotic it went from Vince McMahon-beating behemoth to acquired asset within three short years. You'll have some giggle experiencing the madness all over again, or for the first time if you're relatively new to all this wrasslin' stuff.

Shockingly, whilst he's definitely involved in a handful of gems, Vince Russo doesn't totally dominate this list from start to finish. Some critics seem to forget that World Championship Wrestling was all over the place before Russo arrived, and there's plenty of mind-blowing stuff from the period when Eric Bischoff and pals were on top of the WWF.

Ready yourselves for superhero-style powers, Bobby Heenan being forced to pretend he gives a toss about who's writing the scripts by 1999, wrestlers then refusing to follow those scripts, dodgy title wins, hackneyed tropes from Russo's time in the fed and more.

Enjoy the ride. They didn't!

10. WCW Mimics Montreal

Vince Russo Kevin Nash WCW Blood

Bret Hart's entire WCW career (aside from a few select matches) was woeful. The icon's heart wasn't in wrestling after Vince McMahon ripped it out in 1997, then the death of his brother Owen seemed to extinguish whatever passion the 'Hitman' left. Then, there was Starrcade 1999.

It was a calamitous night for Hart. One errant kick to the head from Goldberg ended Bret's full-time career, but that wasn't the only nightmare. Roddy Piper emerged as a stand-in referee late on, then weirdly called for the bell without Goldberg submitting. This was a clear rip-off of the screwjob Hart suffered two years prior at Survivor Series '97.

The angle was also an unwanted, confusing one that made no sense. Looking back on it now, it's easy to see that fans in Washington didn't have a clue what was going on. This was probably the poorest pay-per-view ending WCW's creative brain trust could've picked for their biggest show of the year.

What were they thinking?!

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