10 WCW Rip-Offs That Helped WWE Win The Monday Night War

Contrary to WWE history, not everything WCW did during the '90s was a joke.


The Monday Night War was a great time to be a wrestling fan. The action was wild, the shows were unpredictable, and the level of quality programming every week was better than ever before.

WCW brought out the best in the WWF and competition was clearly a huge factor in the upswing of the product presented. However, not all of Vince McMahon's best moves were his own and the WWF routinely borrowed from their competition in order to stay in the hunt.

Like any war there are two sides to every story and WCW undoubtedly had their fair share of plagiarism offences as well, from Goldberg looking uncannily like Austin to the debut of an Amazonian female named Asya. Even the Hell in a Cell got repacked as Caged Heat and who could forget the ultimate warrior that was The Renegade?

While the level of stolen ideas does vary in quality on both sides, there's no denying the practice and the results were pretty pivotal. The WWF ripping off Ed Leslie's Booty Man for Billy Gunn's Mr Ass gimmick certainly didn't win them the Monday Night War, but the formation of DX and a heel Mr McMahon character definitely played a huge part.


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