10 WCW Stars From The '90s You Totally Don't Remember

10. Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly Conduct WCW

Check those mugs.

That's 'Tough' Tom and 'Mean' Mike, otherwise known as WCW's Disorderly Conduct. Together, they worked in Japan, Mexico and eventually North America as a job-squad regular for more-established tag-teams. In fact, Conduct's only real claim to fame was that they lost to The Steiners on a November 1998 episode of Nitro.

Later, Tom and Mike would receive a one-off tryout with WWE in September 2000. It's a sign of how seriously they were taken that 'The Texas Hangmen' (a gimmick they'd used in Puerto Rico's WWC) lost to The Dupps in a dark match before the promotion taped an episode of C-show Jakked.

Before that, Disorderly Conduct were WCW Saturday Night and house show regulars from 1997-2000. So, if you attended WCW live events, you might not see The Steiners, Harlem Heat or The Nasty Boys, but you could expect to see 'Tough' and 'Mean' do their thing.


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