10 WCW Tag Teams You Definitely Won’t Remember

The long-forgotten depths of WCW's tag-team division - do you remember any of these duos?

The Pit Crew Dale Torborg Chad Fortune

The Steiner Brothers, Harlem Heat, The Outsiders, Doom - there were some truly great tag-teams in World Championship Wrestling. In each of the above examples, one member went on to become a World Champ (either in WCW or in WWE). Together, they created so many cherished memories and had multiple runs as Tag-Team Champions.

Spare a thought for those who didn't.

It'd be a surprise if most fans recall the teams listed here. None of them won the WCW Tag-Team Titles during their time together; hell, 90% of them were short-lived gimmicks that hung around on basement-level programming like Saturday Night, Power Hour or Main Event. The absolute best they could hope for was the odd showing on Thunder or, hankies at the ready for those nosebleeds, a match at Clash Of The Champions or on Monday Nitro.

Prime time wasn't common though, but that's why these squads are on this list. They dwell in categories like 'Long-Forgotten', 'Overlooked' and 'Who The Heck Are These Guys?'. If you do remember any of these teams, then you can consider yourself one of the most hardcore WCW fans around.

Get ready for quite the cast of characters...

10. Men At Work

The Pit Crew Dale Torborg Chad Fortune

They come from a land down (on the) under(card).

Mark Starr and Chris Kanyon could've been a solid team had they been handed anything other than this 'Men At Work' gimmick. Both were dressed up like construction workers, almost missed their matches due to napping on the job and didn't find much success between 1995-1996.

Kanyon and Starr played the gig for laughs - they probably had no choice. During matches, for example, Chris would inadvertently cost his team by whipping out a tape measure and trying to do some work. Somewhere, mid-90s Vince McMahon would've been guffawing his ass off if he could see such goofball merriment.

Of course, Kanyon eventually found some success on his own and starred in WWE's invasion angle. He and Starr did their best with Men At Work, but it was never going to erm...work out. They were WCW 'C' show cannon fodder, and light relief at best.

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