10 WEIRD Changes Wrestlers Made You Definitely Don't Remember

The 'Demon Of Death Valley' leaves Dollar Shave Club, and Arn Anderson's moving to New York!

Undertaker Arn Anderson

Poor Dolph Ziggler.

'The Show Off' has spent over a decade being remarkably dependable, but because the world is broken, his reward for this most welcome of traits is nothing but indifference from his superiors.

The man that coined the "Gratitude Era" phrase for the company’s obsession with its own past at the expense of its future has himself become the template for what happens if you get lost on the churn of modern WWE content production. After losing the World Heavyweight Championship in 2013 (and with the notable exception of a brief Intercontinental Title rivalry with The Miz in 2016) he’s been dropped into more programmes, mini-feuds and matches that haven’t mattered than ones that have. Through no fault of his own, his legacy will be forced to wear this confusing label.

And all that’s if some d*ckhead on the internet like your writer isn’t saying “and do you remember that time he cut and dyed his hair and we were all so bloody disgusted with it that the idea was abandoned immediately?!” like that strange aesthetic misfire needs dredging up again. Poor Dolph Ziggler.

There’ll be none of that here though! He had short brown hair for a bit, the end. Oh sh*t but then there was also that other time when…

10. Dolph Ziggler's (Other) New Look

Undertaker Arn Anderson

A total curio from the Ziggler archives, 'The Show Off' looked nothing like his usual self in a red, white and blue singlet, but was at least making an earnest attempt to sync up with partner Jack Swagger when they attempted to dethrone Tag Team Champions Air Boom at Vengeance 2011.

That attempt failed, as did this look. Ziggler was becoming increasingly established as one to watch as he ascended up (or, sometimes across) the card, but this wasn't the night for one makeshift team to beat another in a division yet again back on life support.

It's a shame really - Dolph's amateur background is a largely under-emphasised element of his career, and his extensive experience on the mats was never really factored into his persona. Had that been the case, he could have lifted the straps and worked on scoring some taps. Outside of the noble failure of trying to get the sleeper back over as a believable finisher, the former World Champion was never really considered a submission specialist.

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