10 Weirdest Ways Wrestlers Got Injured

Accidents happen...but not like this.


Injuries, unfortunately, are a part of the wrestling business. Just like botching a promo or riling up fans online, no matter how hard you try to avoid them, they are inevitable eventually... unless your name's The Miz.

We've all seen a referee throw up his arms in that dreaded 'X' signal mid-match and feared the worst; some wrestlers valiantly soldier on and finish the match despite no doubt excruciating pain, and others simply cannot continue because they've got a hurty finger.

Nevertheless, today we're going to look at unusual ways in which performers have managed to get injured. Honourable mentions have to go to Samoa Joe who managed to sustain a concussion during filming for a WWE advert, Sheamus who got injured for real whilst getting injured in storyline, and Barry Windham who accidentally got shot by his own pistol (?!).

Ranging from stars who managed to break their ankle simply getting out of bed, to ones that inexplicably hurt themselves on their way to the ring for a match, and featuring an incident you frankly will not believe, these are ten of the weirdest ways wrestlers got injured...

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