10 Weirdest Ways Wrestlers Got Injured

9. Andre The Giant Breaks His Ankle Getting Out Of Bed

mickie james

Andre the Giant was a man to whom the normal rules of life simply don't apply. He stood at seven feet four inches tall and weighed over 500 pounds due to his acromegaly, took up two seats whenever he travelled by plane, and the stories of his drinking feats are legendary.

Andre's sheer size, whilst awe-inspiring, made life incredibly difficult for him. The gigantism caused him to be in constant pain and wreaked havoc on his body, so much so that in 1981 he managed to break his ankle simply getting out of bed.

Ahead of a scheduled match with Killer Khan, the basic act of putting weight on one of his legs that morning caused Andre's ankle to break due to his unmitigated mass combined with his weakened lower body as is common for larger performers.

Andre was out of action for nearly two months, but the match with Khan eventually took place, with the ankle injury even being worked into the storyline as Khan was blamed for 'The Giant's suffering.

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