10 Weirdest Wrestling Characters (That Didn’t Work)

10. Mantaur

The short version: for whatever reason, someone in the WWF creative department thought that they could get a guy over by dressing him up as a giant bull. It didn€™t work. The (slightly) longer version? Their rationale must have gone something like this: €˜Hm. Bulls are big, scary animals, so if we dress our guy up as one, he€™ll look big and scary, too€™. Sadly, the end result looked more like a mentally challenged furry trying to €˜make whoopee€™ with a reject from a cowboy taxidermist€™s workshop. Garishly clad in a costume that looked somewhere between Ross€™ €˜SPUDnik€™ costume in that Friends Halloween episode and a bull€™s head stolen from a steakhouse wall, Mantaur stands head and shoulders over most other weird and/or stupid gimmicks in wrestling history. The real wonder here is not that the gimmick failed to work, rather that the world€™s biggest wrestling company ploughed valuable time and money into developing it in the first place.
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