10 Wildest Wrestling Lawsuits Ever

7. A Different Kind Of Hart Dungeon

Hulk Hogan vs Vince Russo
E! Total Divas

Natalya Neidhart has acheieved a great deal in her career.

She's a multiple time women's champion, a tag team champion, the longest-tenured female wrestler in WWE history, she once got accused of being a dominatrix... wait, what?

Yes, cat-loving, pink hair-having, occasionally-farting daughter of The Anvil once got sued by a prison inmate on the grounds of sexual domination.

In 2014, Christopher Donnelly sought damages in the region of $250,000 on the grounds that Nattie forced him to have sex with her, beat him up, and even aborted his child.

Alright Chris, this isn't the Attitude Era.

These alleged incidents took place between 2005 and 2009, which would have crossed over with Natalya joining WWE. Actually, we don't need to say "alleged", because a judge threw this case out in a matter of minutes.

Donnelly probably didn't help himself by acting as his own legal representative - which is something that only ever works in movies - but, then again, he also didn't help himself by offering such a ridiculous claim in the first place.

Who knows where such an outlandish idea came from inside his brain? Maybe he just let his Sharpshooter fantasies get a little out of hand.


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