10 Worrying Trends WWE Need To End

Trends that WWE need to end before their viewership numbers get any lower.

Randy Orton Kofi Kingston

It can be frustrating to be a pro wrestling fan at times. Knowing that there is a script to follow makes it somewhere in between a sports broadcast and a television show and because of this, we have the unique experience of noticing annoying trends in the writing.

Out of nowhere you will see head-scratching decisions being repeatedly used as if they were genius ideas. Remember when Hornswoggle got so entrenched in WWE programming that he was Raw’s surprise GM? Or his feud with El Torito? Once WWE is stuck on something, they are committed to running it into the ground.

But there is a shred of hope to this constant problem. WWE has slowly begun to distribute the power away from Vince in small doses and finally, this past Raw felt like a new product under Heyman’s influence. So the hope is that with these changes, WWE will start to abandon some of their lazy booking and repetitive writing habits. And there are plenty of things to fix.

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