10 Worst Actors In WWE History

These actors won't be winning any Academy Awards, ever.

Eve Kelly Kelly

Trying to explain pro wrestling to a non-fan is a pretty tricky affair. It's not all greco-roman headlocks and flips and, whilst great matches and athletic displays are the centrepiece of the wrestling meal, you need a good story to get there in order to make those payoffs worthwhile and cathartic.

Acting is an important part of telling a story and thus pro wrestling.

Not everybody can be a William Regal, The Rock or CM Punk where talking comes easy to them. Some WWE superstars are far better at the actual wrestling part more than they are at telling those all-important out of ring stories. You put a microphone in their hand or ask them to convincingly show their deep-rooted emotions at the situation, and you might be taking a risk.

Most pro-wrestlers are not going to be winning any Emmy awards any time soon, but if they can do just enough to get an audience invested, then they're golden. The men and women on this list aren't the gold, the silver or the bronze - and in fact would be much more at home with the nominations you see for the annual Razzies.

10. The Bella Twins

Hey, it's a two for one deal!

Nikki gets a special mention here because, whilst she certainly improved over time, she had the honour of the infamous “I wish you’d died in the womb” zinger that may just go down as the Bella Twins' single most remembered moment.

That being said, Brie Bella was always the most awkward when it came to the acting part of the pro wrestling businesses. For one, the aforementioned promo cut against her by her sister produces one of many examples of wrestlers contorting their face in horrible ways to make it look as though they’re crying.

But even beyond that, Brie just always felt permanently uncomfortable. Even when yelling her own catchphrase “Brie Mode”, she never felt like she was putting all her effort into it - and who could forget the constant calls of “come on Nikki” from outside the ring during tag-matches.

If her husband Daniel Bryan didn’t have to drop the WWE Championship, one has to wonder what would’ve happened to his perception considering after winning the big one he was paired up with his wife on screen. This culminated in a segment where Kane appears in the couple’s car and Brie screams for about 90 seconds straight like a foghorn.

If their heel antics didn’t make you hate them, Brie’s acting did the trick.


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