10 Worst Actors In WWE History

9. The Great Khali

The Great Khali once put his foot on the chest of 'the Phenom' Undertaker to pin him like it was nothing. He also struggled to sing Deck the Halls on a Christmas episode of WWE TV and just started belting out "FA LA LA" without a hint of irony.

Now, you have to be lenient here as America wasn’t the Great Khali’s home country nor was English his first language and he always, always looked uncomfortable. Acting isn’t just about the emotion, it’s about making every moment look genuine.

Khali, no matter what he was doing, could never do anything without it being obvious that he was thinking it all over carefully, whether that was routinely looking for his mark or waiting for his moment to speak lines that looked like they were physically painful for the big guy to memorise.

As is often the case with characters that start off as brooding giants, Great Khali made the leap to comedy pretty quickly and it was definitely a better fit for him. Whilst his inability to speak coherently was played for laughs, Khali did it with a smile.

We can only hope he was actually enjoying himself because this borders on very wrong if he wasn't.


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