10 Worst Babyfaces In WWE History

These babyfaces hopped aboard the Lex Express to Sucktown.

Triple H WWE Title

Pro-wrestling history dictates the best babyfaces are those heroic figures fans can relate to, invest emotionally in, and sympathize with when faced with adversity. From Hulk Hogan to John Cena, they typically overcome the odds and inspire waves of fans to never given up and work harder than the next guy in the room.

They are fairly humble, express gratitude for their success and always triumph in the end.

In effect, they are the living, breathing equivalents of superheros.

There have been a handful of occasions in WWE history, though, where those men dedicated to inspiring raucous ovations missed the mark. Their names do not preside alongside Hogan, Cena, The Rock, or Steve Austin. Instead, they go down in history as misfires, some sizable ones, who failed to catch on with audiences for a variety of reasons.

Some were arrogant pricks the likes of which were never going to generate the type of positive reaction Vince McMahon demands of good guys in WWE. Others were terribly miscast or lacked the supporting cast necessary to succeed in the role.

Whatever the case may be, they are notoriously recognized as some of the worst babyfaces in the annals of sports entertainment.

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