10 Worst Excuses Wrestlers Gave For Missing Matches

WWE and WCW stars who found erm...original ways to skip major matches.

Vader Sex

Lost smiles, rotten comic book sales, real-world sports, traffic woes, sick animals, gluttony and just needing some love - oh yes, pro wrestling's excuse book is a mile long. Some of the explanations given for why workers missed matches are...interesting to say the least.

You won't believe the worst of them.

There's a neat mix of reality and kayfabe here too. Why? Well, some of the worked excuses are downright hilarious to look back on now, and they're often every bit as bizarre as the very-real circumstances that forced wrestlers to miss bookings in WWE and WCW. Also, nobody will be shocked that World Championship Wrestling is here.

You might have forgotten about the run that preceded Starrcade 1994's ridiculousness though. Meanwhile, no-one could forget a few of the other examples, because they happened on WWE TV just a few weeks ago. That, for those who follow weekly, is a clear sign that the company are stalling for time during the build towards SummerSlam 2022.

Ready for some of the absolute dirt worst excuses under the sun? Here goes. Apologies in advance for all the eye-rolling you're about to do.

10. Honky Tonk Man ‘Can’t Lose On TV’

Vader Sex

This is perhaps the most WCW story ever.

According to The Honky Tonk Man in various shoots since, his short-lived deal with the company was on a per match basis whilst they ironed out a longer-term contract. The problem? Eric Bischoff was gaining more power behind the scenes and didn't think Honky added much value to the roster.

Starrcade 1994 rolled around, and the former 'Greatest Intercontinental Champion Of All Time' was supposed to put Johnny B. Badd over on the pay-per-view. That's when Honky pointed towards a bullsh*t 'can't lose' agreement that had been thrashed out ahead of his arrival and that definitely sounds totally made up.

Furious about the thought of doing the J.O.B, Honky walked out and never worked for Bischoff again. WCW replaced him with reliable legend Arn Anderson at Starrcade, and countless wrestling fans immediately asked for pay-per-view refunds. OK, that's not true. What an excuse, 'I'm not allowed to lose' is though.

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