10 Worst Excuses Wrestlers Gave For Missing Matches

9. Lacey Evans Just Can’t Be Bothered

Vader Sex

Lacey Evans has flipped between heel and babyface so much recently that even Big Show's head must be spinning. The current WWE star is giving that former one a run for his money when it comes to turns, but she's also one for nonsense pre-match excuses too.

Kayfabe ones, of course.

Recently, Evans got out of back-to-back matches vs. Aliyah because she didn't like the way fans responded to her entrance. That's heel 101, to be fair, but it's the second moment that deserves inclusion here; Lacey just couldn't be arsed wrestling, so she didn't and instead decided to walk out on the show completely.

Evans left the ring as Aliyah (and the ref) looked confused. This is presumably going to become a regular gig for the one-time 'Sassy Southern Belle', and it'll get old fast. It's also not the only excuse WWE's writers have been deploying in 2022.

Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it...

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