10 Worst Feuds Of John Cena's WWE Career

6. vs. Big Show In 2009

There are a few Cena feuds with Big Show. The reason is because WWE likes to try to paint Cena as this underdog against Show simply because of the size difference. They think that fans should be sympathetic towards Cena even though he beat Big Show nearly every time they feuded. Their first feud in 2004 wasn't that bad. It was done so that Show could put over Cena for the US Title and it was at WrestleMania 20, so it was pretty memorable. In 2009 they feuded again. This time it was because Show cost Cena the WWE Title in a match with Edge. It led to two PPV matches between them. The first PPV match was a forgettable battle at Judgment Day 2009 where Cena was selling a rib injury, but still able to overcome and win like usual. At the Extreme Rules 2009 PPV, they had what was arguably the most boring Submission Match in WWE history. It went 20 minutes. It sounded like the audience went to sleep as Cena won by applying a sloppy STF/Crossface submission in the ropes that didn't look good at all. They have wrestled so many times on television as well as live events that you can probably call the spots before they do them. Cena wins almost all their matches too. It's never a surprise.
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